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STRENGTH Fine Art Print


From: 49.95

This watercolor painting is printed on 250 g. fine art paper. The prints are a limited edition, only 500 copies are made! They are signed by the artist with handwritten numbering.

This print comes in three different sizes:

30×40 cm

40×50 cm

50×70 cm

70×90 cm only 50 copies


Strength Fine Art Print

This fine art print by Malou Kalay is symbolized by the strength of the tup and its extraordinary horns. Thanks to her refined style, every detail is included in depicting this skull. While Malou Kalay’s artwork usually is characterized by insect art prints, other beings from the animal kingdom – such as this tup – are included as well. All posters are originally drawn and designed by Malou Kalay, which adds a unique character to the designs that is nowhere else to be found.

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70x90cm, A-4, 30x40cm, 40x50cm, 50x70cm