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DEFEND Beetle Fine Art Print



This beetle protects itself from negative influence. Protect yourself as a person.

This watercolor painting is printed on 250 g. fine art paper. The prints are a limited edition, only 500 copies are made! They are signed by the artist with handwritten numbering.

This fine art print is available in one size:
30×40 cm


Defend Art Print Poster

Malou Kalay’s posters make the invisible become visible, by visualizing the smallest details of the smallest organisms. Amongst other insect artprint posters, this beetle design enhances every detail of the beetle. Despite of being a small size animal, Malou Kalay depicted the animal on a large print. Every small detail is loaded with the strength that the beetle carries with him. This beetle artprint poster suits any interior due to its serene design; especially a Scandinavian or an industrial interior warmly welcome this purist design.