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FLY Insect Fine Art Print



The fly symbolizes the freedom to fly and discover. Go on an adventure and enrich your mind.

This watercolor painting is printed on 250 g. fine art paper. The prints are a limited edition, only 500 copies are made! They are signed by the artist with handwritten numbering.

This print comes in one size:
30 x 30 cm


Fly Insect Art Print

The insect art prints by Malou Kalay are characterized by refined design that are magnified on paper. This design depicts a fly that highlights every detail of the insect with the greatest attention: from subtle colorschemes till the hairs embedded in the fly’s legs. The insect art prints are painted by Malou Kalay herself. Subsequently; they were pressed onto high-quality 250g. paper. These insect art prints embellish any interior with their purist strength; especially a Scandinavian or industrial good is a good match with the insect art prints.