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NAKED Fine Art Print


From: 49.95

The hairless cat symbolizes the purity of a human being. Your exterior will change through time. Love and beauty comes from within.

This watercolor painting is printed on 250 g. fine art paper. The prints are a limited edition, only 500 copies are made! They are signed by the artist with handwritten numbering.

This print comes in three different sizes:

30×40 cm
40×50 cm
50×70 cm


Hairless cat art print

Naked beauty is what this fine art print depicts: the hairless cat is painted with attention to detail and a sense of serenity. The artist Malou Kalay is known for these kind of designs: purist, yet detailed; warm, yet minimalist. The neutral colorscheme of this fine art print makes that this hairless cat may earn a home in any room or interior style. Especially an industrial or a Scandinavian interior reserves a good spot for this poster.