Fine Art Prints by Malou Kalay

Malou Kalay’s artprint posters make the invisible tangible: Kalay’s eye for detail entails to a unique style that often surpasses the naked eye. All fine art prints are drawn and designed by Malou Kalay herself, which gives every single art print a character unique in its design. The artprint posters by Malou Kalay can settle in any interior thanks to their serene character and subtle color scheme. The combination of off-white and detailed design designates the posters the ultimate eyecatcher on any surface.

Insect Fine Art Prints

The fine art prints by Malou Kalay vary in subject from insects till cats: organic designs from the animal kingdom are the common characteristic of her unique fine art prints. They all contain their own symbolism. For instance, one of the designs depicts a beetle that characterizes strength and power. Other insect posters depict dragonflies and other insects, refined in their designs thanks to Malou Kalay’s attention to detail, which perfectly suits a purist interior as well as an eclectic interior.

Animal Fine Art Prints

Aside from insects, Malou Kalay also offers refined depictions of other beings from the animal kingdom, including posters of a raven, a hairless cat and mackerel. These artprint posters of animals all carry an organic and refined character that runs throughout her works. All paintings are orignally watercolor made, and printed on 250 g. fine art paper. All prints are a limited edition, with only 500 copies made! Signed by the artist with handwritten numbering.