Art Cards

Malou Kalay’s art cards repurposes sending cards into sending a gift, thanks to the refined designs that are depicted on the cards she painted. Just like her fine art prints, her art cards have a unique aesthetic due to her refined style. All art cards are drawn, designed and pressed by Malou Kalay, which makes each card a unique artifact. Malou Kalay has her own style in uncovering that which the naked eye usually would not see. So, not only is it a pleasure to receive one of her art print cards, it also makes them ideal to hang on the wall.

Insect Art Cards

The art cards by Malou Kalay come in sets of two, with each sets containing a unique symbolism. Her beetle cards, for instance, are characterized by protection and defense, designed in a way that depicts the beetles with great care and detail. The insect art card series also contain cards with flies, on which every wing and colorscheme is depicted with attention to detail. The libelle art card is matched with a tup; despite of their evolutionary distinctions, the couple is a refined match.

Organic Art Cards

Next to Malou Kalay’s dinstinctive insect cards, the collection also offers a st of a raven and a gun, which carry a mystic yet powerful symbolism. Just like the rest of her works, these art cards are characterized by attention for detail and purist design. Also, the Health & Naked art card set are an organic match to finalize her collection of naked beauty of the animal kingdom. All art cards are printed on on 324 g. cardboard paper with a symbolic text on the other site.