Unique posters by Malou Kalay

Malou Kalay makes unique paintings of animals, insects and zodiac signs that she has transformed into posters and cards. The paintings are impressive because of the realistic way of painting and how the animals, insects and zodiac sign are portrayed. Malou Kalay makes every piece of art with passion and love and it shows. These posters are a real eye catcher that transforms your empty wall into a particularly beautifully styled interior. The zodiac signs posters and cards are widely used as family combinations of all the zodiac signs together. Or given as a gift when partners move into a new house together or as a gift for a wedding. Even it is a perfect birthday gift combined with a card holder or frame, you have a beautiful personal card and interior decoration in one.

The artworks are high quality printed so the colors and details are similar to the original artworks. The posters are available in various sizes to choose the perfect size for your wall. You can  combine different sizes posters together to create your perfect wall. The collections are limited editions and the posters are numbered and signed by Malou Kalay.

In this way, each poster remains a unique piece of art.